Bible Study

Adult Bible StudySunday School Groups

8:45 AM Sunday mornings

Tabernacle recognizes that Sunday School is more than a Sunday morning program. It is a group of men and women coming together in small Bible study groups to lead people to faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and to build Great Commission Christians. Christian fellowship and ministry are also vital parts of the group.

There is an adult Bible study class for you at Tabernacle!


Preschool Sunday SchoolIn Preschool Sunday School we are teaching Preschoolers about God and the Bible in developmentally correct ways. We also teach Preschoolers that church is a happy safe place by building relationships with them and their families. We strive to build a strong foundation in the Preschooler’s life so that as they mature and grow they will accept Christ as their personal Lord and Savior.

There is a preschool Bible study class for your child at Tabernacle!


Boys in RAs Bible StudyIn Children’s Sunday School we continue building upon the foundation to know God and His love and to understand the Bible. We want children to learn to respond to God in faith and worship. During Sunday School, children learn to apply Bible truths to life situations. This is done through activity teaching, large group teaching, and building relationships.

There is a children’s Bible study class for your child at Tabernacle!


Youth Sunday SchoolOur main goal in Youth Sunday School is to give our youth the Biblical knowledge needed to make right choices in a world filled with lies. All youth meet together before going to classes according to their school grade.

There is a youth Bible study group for you at Tabernacle!

Wednesday Night Groups

6:30 PM Wednesday evenings