RAs, GAs & Mission Friends

Royal Ambassadors

RAs logoRA’s are 1st-6th grade boys who meet together to learn about missions and how to live a Godly life.

Games, Bible studies, working on badges, and learning how to live out the RA Pledge are all incorporated into the Wednesday evening class time. RA’s have the opportunity to participate in two camp-outs and several field trips during the year.

The RA Racer Derby is one of the big events held during the year. Each boy designs and builds his racer with the leaders providing help. There are two categories for the cars, design and speed. The top winners are able to compete in the local and district races.

More information about the Royal Ambassador program can be found at www.royalambassadors.org .

Girls in Action

GA’s {Girls in Action} is open to all 1st thru 6th grade girls. We meet Wednesday evenings { 6:15pm – 7:30pm }.

Girls will learn how to apply mission work in their everyday lives.


“As a GA, I will do my best to live a missions lifestyle that honors God by learning about missions, praying for missions, giving to missions, doing missions, and participating in the work of the church.”

Mission Friends

Mission Friends LogoLearning about missionaries and missions is fun when you are involved in Mission Friends!

Age-appropriate learning activities help teach mission attitudes and concepts to boys and girls, two through five years of age.

Mission Friends meet on Wednesday evenings at 6:15PM in the Children’s Department.

If you would like more information about the Mission Friends program,you can visit their website at www.missionfriends.com or contact our Mission Friends director, Melba Hubbard by email at maybelina@hotmail.com .