Tabernacle Baptist Church is in the process of seeking the next man of God to lead the church.


Below you will find a Job Description as well as a form to submit your résumé for consideration.


If you have any questions, feel free to call the church office (478-476-3507) or send an e-mail. We also invite you to browse the church's website to determine whether or not you would be a good fit to serve alongside God's people here at TBC. Thank you!

Frequently Asked Questions


  • Compensation: Compensation is negotiable and will be commensurate with experience and education.

  • Education: A complete or partial seminary education is preferred.

  • Experience: Some pastoral ministry experience is preferred.

  • Beliefs: Agreement with the Southern Baptist Convention's confessional document, The 2000 Baptist Faith & Message

  • More qualifications may be added to this list in the future as determined by the Pastor Search Committee.

Pastor’s Job Description – Tabernacle Baptist Church

Updated: 6/24/19


Principal Function


The pastor is responsible for providing spiritual leadership for the church and for using his skills in proclamation, administration and pastoral care in meeting the needs of persons in the church and community.





  • Proclaim the gospel and lead the church in proclaiming the gospel to the church and community.

  • Preach at all worship services, which includes preaching (or arranging for someone else to perform this function).

  • Plan for, and provide leadership in, the regular observance of the church ordinances.



  • Provide administrative leadership for the total church program.

  • Work with the finance committee (team) to develop financial direction for the church.


Pastoral Care

  • Conduct funeral services and wedding ceremonies, as he is able, as well as sharing and delegating the responsibility to others on the ministerial staff.

  • Be available to counsel those in need.

  • Work with ministerial staff and deacons to exercise the biblical calling to be a peacemaker with the goal of unity and resolution between parties, whenever possible.

  • Attempt to engage and maintain relationships and express care and concern for members of all ages and socio-economic status.

  • Make a good faith attempt to visit others in need, as able, such as: homebound, hospitalized, the lost, membership prospects, etc. Employ the cooperation of ministerial staff and deacons to help minister to others.



  • He is the spiritual leader and overseer of the congregation.

  • Lead, or delegate the leadership of, the worship services.

  • Serve as moderator of the church ex-officio member of all committees (teams).

  • Recommend and advise on the selection of all staff members and in determining their duties.

  • Oversee supervision of all members of the church staff.

  • Appoint committees (teams) as set forth in the by-laws and other such special committees (teams) as the church may request or he may deem advisable from time to time.

  • Counsel (and assist in training) deacons in their responsibilities.

  • Communicate clearly, concisely, and lovingly.


Personal Character & General Skills

  • Model the biblical character qualities found in 1 Timothy 3:1-7 as an example to others:

    • Above reproach

    • Husband of but one wife (a one-woman man)

    • Temperate

    • Self-controlled

    • Respectable

    • Hospitable

    • Able to teach

    • Not given to drunkenness

    • Not violent but gentle

    • Not quarrelsome

    • Not a lover of money

    • Manage his own family well

    • Not a recent convert (not conceited about his ability, knowledge or position)

    • A good reputation with outsiders

  • Seek to develop professionally as a minister of the gospel in the above areas of Proclamation, Administration, Pastoral Care, Leadership & Personal Character & General Skills.

  • Lead the church in vision-casting and goals. Provide a sense of direction for the church.

  • Maintain confidentiality, when required.

  • Seek the health of his family and personal spiritual well-being first and foremost, but also maintain a healthy commitment to the church.

  • Attempt to integrate into the community surrounding the church, as much as possible.

  • Regularly encourage and support the ministerial and clerical staff of the church. Mediate any staff conflicts, bringing alongside deacons and other leaders, if necessary.

  • Exercise humility in requesting and/or receiving help from other ministerial staff, deacons, and other leaders to maintain spiritual and mental health.

  • Display a personal commitment to follow God and His Word, first and foremost, in all decision-making. The Bible supersedes this Job Description, and the church desires that the pastor’s commitment is ultimately to the Lord Jesus Christ.


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