Church family, the​ desire of the Pastor Search Committee during this process is to be open and transparent while maintaining confidentiality and exercising discretion with regard to the specifics of the committee's work. From time to time, we will post pertinent updates on this page to keep our church family informed. Please feel free to bookmark this page to access during the process to stay up-to-date.

Also, please use the information we share to give you specific points for which to pray. We seek your prayers for us as we represent the church in such an important task!

If you know of a man who would make a great candidate for us to consider, please point him to our Senior Pastor Candidate Page:

November 12, 2020

In September, the committee narrowed the selection process down to the top handful of candidates. These candidates were then sent a questionnaire to explain their biblical and doctrinal beliefs, philosophy of ministry, etc. They were given a 2-week deadline to return the questionnaire. Upon receiving the questionnaire, the committee would spend time studying the candidates' responses and then continue the process with the best candidate at that point.


After sending the questionnaires, one candidate was removed from the process due to concerns, and the other candidates never returned the questionnaire, several of whom were in serious talks with other churches or who had decided to remain at their current church. Due to this reality, the committee decided to reopen the résumé submission process and we listed the job opening again on the Southern Baptist Convention's website. Résumés are still being received regularly, and the submission process will remain open through the end of the month.


Please continue praying for the committee as they do their work. We are confident in the Lord's direction and know that He has a pastor hand-picked for our church. We just need to continue praying for the Lord's guidance in discerning the man He has selected to lead our church. 

August 10, 2020

The committee is well into the work of sifting through over 140 résumés and seeking to discern God's will concerning the next Senior Pastor of TBC. The committee is following a process of organizing these résumés into 3 tiers of candidacy: yes, no and maybe. Many candidates have already received notice of the respectful decline of their candidacy, and committee members are currently working on contacting those in the "yes" tier. Those in the "maybe" tier will eventually be added to the "yes" or "no" tiers as the process continues.

Please pray for the committee as they work, and ask that the Lord brings His man to the top of consideration and makes His will plain for our church.

December 6, 2019

On October 1st, the new church year started. This means that certain committee chairmen rolled off committees and were replaced or the position was left vacant. As indicated in our constitution & by-laws, search committee members serve by virtue of the office they hold. Here is the current list of committee members (and the offices they hold). Please pray diligently for them and the important task they have been given as search committee members!

Scott Bennett (PSC Chairman)

Chairman of Deacons

Terry Connell (PSC Vice-Chairman)

Sunday School Director

Sammy Diggins (PSC Secretary)

WMU Director

Ronnie Griffin

Brotherhood Director

John Holland

Chairman of Finance Committee


Also, on the evening of November 24 at 5:45 PM, prior to our Thanksgiving Meal, we held a special Commissioning Service for the Pastor Search Committee. During that time, the committee read a covenant toward God and the church and the church read a covenant toward and the committee. We then spent time praying over the search committee members and reiterating our pledge to abide by the stipulations in the covenants that were recited.

It was also shared that evening that one of the primary tasks the committee has is to read and discuss Seeking God to Seek a Pastor: Vital Steps for Search Committees and Their Congregations.

The committee will be meeting again soon in December. Pray for them as they continue their work and seek the Lord's will for TBC!

August 12, 2019

The committee met on Sunday, August 11, with Dr. Rush. Here are some highlights of the meeting:

  • The job of the committee is not to select a pastor. The job of the committee is to seek the will of God and find the man God has chosen to be a pastor. This is a meaningful distinction. To that end, Dr. Rush assigned the book Seeking God to Seek a Pastor: Vital Steps for Search Committees and Their Congregations by Gregory R. Frizzell to be read by the committee.

  • The committee also has two copies of The Pastor Search Committee Handbook (Revised), an excellent resource by LifeWay to guide search committees.

  • Dr. Rush also recommended briefly suspending the résumé submission process. This was recommended for several reasons:

    • We need time to fine-tune the qualifications and determine what the church needs in a future pastor. This will prevent us from moving forward with a candidate hastily who is not a good fit for TBC.​

    • Candidates will be under the impression we are closer to interviewing and calling a pastor than we really are.

    • This will give Dr. Rush and others in ministerial, deacon or lay leadership time to address any underlying issues to get us ready to be the church we need to be for our future pastor.

    • We will still be accepting résumés and pastoral candidate suggestions from members as well as résumés from prospective candidates. However, we have suspended the official résumé submission page for a short time.

  • The committee was encouraged to be desperate in seeking the will of God with fervent prayer. We need the Lord's guidance in this process! Dr. Rush recommended a few more resources by Gregory Frizzell that would impact the committee and the church:

    • How to Develop a Powerful Prayer Life: The Biblical Path to Holiness and Relationship with God

    • Returning to Holiness: A Personal and Churchwide Journey to Revival

    • Releasing the Revival Flood: A Churchwide Journey to Miraculous Unity and God-Glorifying Fellowship

  • Dr. Rush said that he sensed a positive response from the congregation on his first Sunday as our pastor. He said, "The church seemed hopeful!" This is a good sign that the church is trusting the Lord for the future of TBC!

  • Finally, we distributed to the committee a résumé that we received last week for consideration.

The committee would appreciate your prayers as we seek the Lord's face! 

June 27, 2019

The committee met this past Monday, June 24, and accomplished several goals:

  • 3-4 candidates for Interim Pastor were discussed and considered and will be discussed further in the next meeting.

  • Several candidates for Senior Pastor were discussed, but priority is given to finding an interim pastor first.

  • The Pastor's Job Description document was updated and approved by the Pastor Search Committee with the approval of the personnel chairman. Garry Goodin, the Executive Director of the Mid-State Baptist Association, met with the committee weeks ago for 90 minutes of training. During that meeting, brought along his revision of our Pastor's Job Description that consisted mostly of organizational changes with headings and improved formatting and wording. We then tweaked the work he did and produced what we believe is an accurate reflection of what is expected of the next pastor of Tabernacle Baptist Church.

  • Pulpit supply has been determined through the end of July:
    July 7 - Troy Dykes
    July 14 - Troy Dykes
    July 21- Mike Fuller
    July 28 - William Haun

  • Pages have been added to the church website for prospective candidates (in addition to this updates page for our church family: Please feel free to share the page for prospective candidates: [link updated on 11/12/20; will be active through 11/30/20]

  • The next meeting has been set for Tuesday, July 2.

Pastor Search Committee Updates


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