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Family Devotional Guide - 3/3/19


  • Scripture: Matthew 20:20-28

  • Discussion: Pray that we would grow as servants. Discuss ways you can better serve the church and our Lord.

  • Song: “Make Me a Blessing” by Ira B. Wilson & George S. Schuler


  • Scripture: 2 Timothy 3:10-17

  • Discussion: Discuss why it was so important for the apostles and elders to give themselves to the preaching of the Word.

  • Song: “How Firm a Foundation” Words from John Rippon’s Selection of Hymns; music from Joseph Funk’s Genuine Church Music


  • Scripture: Luke 14:25-33

  • Discussion: Discuss the difference between a disciple and someone who is just a “church member”.

  • Song: “I Surrender All” by Judson W. Van DeVenter & Winfield S. Weeden

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