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Called and Sent (Luke 10:1-24) - 10/22/23


  • The disciples have been called and sent

  • The 72 going out, then return

  • We too have been called and sent

  • It is really a pretty simple formula to live out ourselves

Actively Live for the Lord – vv. 1-2

Willing and Sent


  • For our Availability

    • Stay on mission (Passion and Focus)

  • For Gospel Opportunity

Anticipate the battle – vv. 3-4

Facing the enemy

Depending on the Lord

  • Sheep

  • Protection & provision (take nothing)

Preach the truth of the Gospel – vv. 5-16

Peace (for those that receive)

  • Received as a messenger from God

  • They had nothing

  • Others supported

  • God uses our means to help with the spread of the Gospel

Judgment (for those that reject)

  • No middle ground. REPENTANCE

  • All the cities (OT and NT) rejected God

  • Either for or against

  • RECEIVE and BELIEVE John 1:12

Rejoice in the Lord – vv. 17-24

Evil is overcome

  • The power of the Apostles message

  • Demons then, Satan later

  • The Gospel today… delivering sinners to saints

Our Salvation

  • Nevertheless – v. 20

  • Reality of our salvation. Who we are in Christ

  • The danger of the DOING over the BEING

  • Finding our joy in who we are, rather than on what we are doing.

God’s Sovereign rule

  • He is Lord of all

    • Works behind the scenes

    • Opens minds and eyes

  • Redemptive history

    • Old and New Covenants


    • The timeline of the Gospel

  • Jesus is the way, truth and life John 14:6

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