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Family Devotional Guide - 11/15/20

Day 1

  • Scripture: Daniel 7:9-14; Revelation 13:1-10

  • Discussion: Spend some time in both of these passages of Scripture. What parallels do you see? What is the connection between Daniel 7 & Revelation 13? List or discuss the qualities of the Ancient of Days and the beast.

  • Song: “At the Name of Jesus” by Caroline M. Noel & James Mountain

Day 2

  • Scripture: Daniel 7:9-10

  • Discussion: Who is the Ancient of Days and why is that title significant? How do we see the authority of the Ancient of Days displayed in this passage? Why are His characteristics significant and what do they tell us about Him?

  • Song: “Ancient of Days” by Gary Sadler & Jamie Harvill

Day 3

  • Scripture: Daniel 7:11-14

  • Discussion: How might you describe what is going on in this passage? What passages in the New Testament correspond to this one? Discuss the things in this passage that give hope to us?

  • Song: “Days of Elijah” by Robin Mark

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