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Family Devotional Guide - 12/5/21

Day 1

  • Scripture: Isaiah 11:1

  • Discussion: This passage refers to “a shoot from the stump of Jesse” and “a branch from his roots” that “shall bear fruit.” This prophecy was fulfilled ultimately in Jesus Christ the Messiah. What other Old Testament passages point forward to the Messiah? Spend some time discussing various prophecies in the Old Testament and how they predict the incarnation of Jesus Christ.

  • Song: “Lo, How a Rose E’er Blooming” Words from 15th century German hymn (translated by Theodore Baker & Harriet Krauth Spaeth); music harmonized by Michael Praetorius

Day 2

  • Scripture: Isaiah 11:2-5

  • Discussion: The characteristics in these verses ultimately apply to Jesus who came from the stump of Jesse. Spend some time discussing the qualities listed in these verses. How did Jesus demonstrate these qualities in his earthly ministry? After His Second Coming, how will Jesus demonstrate these qualities in the new heavens and earth?

  • Song: “Hope Has Come” by Stephen Altrogge

Day 3

  • Scripture: Isaiah 11:6-10

  • Discussion: This passage contains an amazing picture of what life will be like on the new earth. Why is it important that animals are at peace with one another? What is the significance of v. 9 with reference to “the knowledge of the Lord?” What is meant by “resting place” in v. 10, and in what ways will it “be glorious?”

  • Song: “O Holy Night” by John S. Dwight & Adolphe Adam

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