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Family Devotional Guide - 7/11/21

In light of the sermon on July 11th, this week’s set of devotional readings focus on spiritual warfare and the protection that the Lord provides us.

Day 1

  • Scripture: Psalm 84

  • Discussion: This psalm reminds us of the blessedness of dwelling with the Lord. In it, the psalmist takes delight in the place where he worships the Lord (in this case, the tabernacle). How does the blessedness of worshiping the Lord impact spiritual warfare and/or God’s protection over us? Spend some time noticing certain phrases that detail God’s protection of His people.

  • Song: “Better Is One Day” by Matt Redman

Day 2

  • Scripture: 2 Samuel 22

  • Discussion: Spend time reading through this complete chapter. What is the context of this psalm of deliverance? What are some aspects of God’s protection do we learn from this song of David?

  • Song: “It Is Well” by Horatio G. Spafford, Philip P. Bliss & Todd Fields

Day 3

  • Scripture: Proverbs 14:26

  • Discussion: Why might we have confidence in “the fear of the Lord?” Why is it important to fear the Lord? How is this confidence connected to the truth that refuge (i.e. protection) is a reality for the children of the Lord?

  • Song: “He Will Hold Me Fast” by Ada R. Habershon & Matthew Merker

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