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Family Devotional Guide - 8/20/23

For the rest of August, we’ll continue our “Songs of the Summer” series by utilizing some of the D-Life material from the psalms. This series will include selections that aren’t already being covered in this summer’s D-Life groups. For those not already involved in the D-Life groups, they will be launching soon. If you are interested in joining a group, please contact the church office and we can get you connected.

For this week’s lesson, we will be discussing Psalm 116:12-19. One suggested use for this material would be to break up the discussion questions into three days (and read the Bible study passage each time before discussing those questions).

Discussion Questions:

  • For those who are left behind, how is the death of a spiritually saved person different from one who is unsaved? How are their funerals different?

  • In this Psalm, the writer expressed thanks to God for his deliverance and salvation. In verse 12, what question does the writer ask and why is this a great question for us to consider? What are some of the benefits or good things God has given you?

  • How did the writer answer his own question (v. 13)? What does it mean to “take up the cup of salvation?” Have you taken up the cup of salvation? If so, when and what difference has it made in your life?

  • Have you made any vows or promises to the Lord (v. 14, 18)? In what ways are you fulfilling your promises and keeping your vows to the Lord? Is there any sin to confess related to your promises and commitments to the Lord?

  • What did the writer say about the death of God’s saints or godly ones (v. 15)? Why would the death of His saints be “precious” to the Lord? Read Rom. 8:18, 1 Cor. 2:9, and Phil 1:21. What do these verses say about the death of His saints? Read Eph. 2:8-9. What makes a person a saint or a godly one?

  • When a person is saved by grace, why should he or she also become a servant of the Lord (v. 16)? What do you think the writer meant when he says, “You have loosed my bonds” or “freed me from my chains” (v. 16b)? In what ways can you relate to this statement? Can you give a testimony?

  • At the close of this psalm, the writer spoke of entering the courts of the Lord with thanksgiving and praise (v. 17-19). Why is thanksgiving and praise a recurring theme throughout all the Psalms? Is giving worship to God in His courts a priority for your life? Why or why not?

This week’s material is taken from Pastor Bill Wilks’ D-Life Study Guides (Old Testament 2, Week 29: Study of the Psalms).

Suggested Songs for Worship:

  • “The Solid Rock” by Edward Mote & William B. Bradbury

  • “Living Hope” by Brian Johnson & Phil Wickham.

  • “Turn Your Eyes” by George Romanacce, Helen H. Lemmel, Kevin Winebarger, Nathan Stiff & Nic Trout

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