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Family Devotional Guide - 9/17/23

This week’s Family Devotional Guide is based on our Scripture reading from Sunday, John 12:20-26.

DAY 1:

  • Scripture: John 12:20-22

  • Discussion: What is the feast that John is referring to in verse 20? Why is it important that Greeks were seeking Jesus, and why did they come specifically to Philip? Verse 21 tells us that these Greeks wanted to see Jesus. Why do you think they wanted to see Jesus? Why do you think that Philip told Andrew and had him come with him to speak to Jesus?

  • Song: “Show Us Christ” by Bob Kauflin & Doug Plank

DAY 2:

  • Scripture: John 12:23-24

  • Discussion: Jesus responds by saying that it was time “for the Son of Man to be glorified.” What do you think Jesus means when he speaks of being “glorified”? Jesus turns His attention to a metaphor that He used to explain how death (pointing toward His future death) sometimes leads to new life. In this way, He is showing that just as a seed dies and gets absorbed into the ground and then turns into fruit, ultimately, so will His death bring about life for others. Spend some time reading and discussing 1 Corinthians 15:35-49. What parallels do you see between that passage and John 12:24?

  • Song: “Christ Is Risen, He Is Risen Indeed” by Ed Cash, Keith Getty & Kristyn Getty

DAY 3:

  • Scripture: John 12:25-26

  • Discussion: What does it mean to love one’s life? What does it mean to hate one’s life? Discuss the kind of distinction Jesus is making and what point He is making (or not making) through comparing loving one’s life versus hating one’s life. Jesus ends this section by saying that anyone who serves Him must follow Him. What would it mean if someone claims to serve the Lord but not truly follow Him? How does God the Father respond to the person who serves Jesus (v. 26b)? What does this tell us of the priority of following the Lord?

  • Song: “Footsteps of Jesus” by Asa B. Everett & Mary B.C. Slade

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