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Hear, Obey, and Live (Luke 6:46-49) - 6/4/23


  • Jesus brings to conclusion the Sermon.

  • Notice the ending… HEAR, GO, DO and LIVE/STAND

    • Withstand the storm. Finish Well

  • A true disciple builds their life on the Lordship of Christ.

    • Faithfulness and obedience to the Lord

  • A true disciple withstands the storms of life

  • A true disciple finishes well.

The Lord’s Question – v.46

Why do you call me Lord, Lord, and do not do what I tell you?

Pretty cut and dry


  • Saving Faith is Obeying Faith

The True Disciple – vv. 47-48

Come to Him, Hears His Words, and Does them

  • Hear, Believe, Trust, Obey

  • I believe it talks all 4. Because, if you truly believe who Jesus is then you will naturally follow Him.

  • Coming and Hearings is not the most important… but going and doing.


  • Building a house

  • Dug deep onto the foundation

  • Dedication, Discipline, Devotion

The man Jesus described in his parable “dug deep and laid the foundation on the rock” (Luke 6:48). Building his house cost him something. Living the Christian life costs us something too. It takes discipline to work at understanding the Scriptures. It takes patience to persevere in prayer. It takes courage to put sinful desires to death. It takes dedication to grow in new areas of obedience. It takes sacrifice to serve others instead of ourselves. Above all, it takes faith to trust in Jesus Christ and not hold anything back. PHILIP GRAHAM RYKEN, LUKE, ED. RICHARD D. PHILLIPS, PHILIP GRAHAM RYKEN, AND DANIEL M. DORIANI, VOL. 1, REFORMED EXPOSITORY COMMENTARY (PHILLIPSBURG, NJ: P&R PUBLISHING, 2009), 300.

When floods come

  • The storms of life come

  • Our faith stands strong

The False Disciple – v. 49

Hears and does not

  • A life unchanged

  • A life that is no different than the world

  • A moral life is not necessarily a converted life

Doing what they want to do

  • As long as if fits their agenda

  • Jesus on THEIR TERMS.

  • No commitment to the things of the Lord

Built on no foundation

  • Quick. Easy. Convenient

They fall immediately when the storms come

  • No faith. No foundation. No hope

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