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Hearing and Doing the Word of God (Luke 8:16-21) - 7/30/23


  • Luke 8:15 – As for that in the good soil, they are those who, hearing the word, hold it fast in an honest and good heart, and bear fruit with patience.

  • Hearing the Word not with just our ears, but also with our heart.


  • OBEY/ DO = new nature produces a new person

  • Not a list of Dos and DONTs. To obey is to follow, live differently…follow after Jesus.

Hear and Make Known – vv. 16-18

Receive and Respond to the Word

Display the Word

  • You do not cover a lamp.

  • We do not cover the Word

  • What is on the inside will/should come out

  • The truth of the Word on display

Hidden and manifest. Secret and made known

  • The truth of the Gospel (the called)

  • Our life (the real coming out)

Continue to hear

  • Our sanctification.

  • Time in the Word (Personal)

  • Time under the Word (Corporate)

  • So goes you… so goes you and the Word

    • Less or More

Hear and Live – vv. 19-21

  • Obviously, Jesus had great concern for and loved His family. But the most important was devotion to HIS FATHER Luke 2:49

  • His greatest concern is for the spiritual family

The Spiritual Family

Those that hear, receive, and LIVE OUT (OBEY, DO, FOLLOW AFTER)

An inward change. Supernaturally from God

An outward focus and direction. Our responsibility to live it out

Because there has been such an radical inward change

  • From death to life

There should be a radical change in how we live our life

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