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Introduction to First John - 5/16/21

The Characteristics of the Saved - In First John, we have the promises to the Christian, the provisions for the Christian, the perseverance of the Christian, the proofs of being a Christian, the power of the Christian, and all is related to the presence of Christ.

This book is a basic study in the life of a Christian, telling you what is expected. When you are saved, redemption changes your life. If you are unchanged, then you are very likely not saved. John wanted his readers to know they were right with God, to have assurance of their salvation and to walk in fellowship with God.

There Are Two Major Problems Which Confront Every Generation of Believers:

  1. The Seduction of Worldly Temptations

  2. The Subterfuge of Wicked (false) Teaching

John's Purposes in Writing:

  1. That we might have JOY (1:4) - which results from fellowship (1:3).

  2. That we might not SIN (2:1-2) - that we do not break the fellowship upon which our joy is based.

  3. That we might have ASSURANCE (5:11-13) - that we might know without doubt that we are saved.

Six Characteristics of the Saved:

  1. Living a RIGHTEOUS life (2:28-29)

  2. Not practicing SIN (3:1-9)

  3. LOVING God & others (4:7)

  4. BELIEVING Jesus is the Christ (5:1)

  5. OVERCOMING the world by faith (5:4)

  6. Being KEPT by God and is not touched by the wicked one (5:18)


I. The Promises to a Christian (1) - Fellowship in Christ

A. Fellowship with Christ (1:1-4)

B. Forgiveness through Christ (1:5-10)

II. The Provisions for the Christian Life (2:1-14) - Founded in Christ

A. Propitiation from Sin (2:1-2)

B. Perfected by the Word (2:3-11)

1. The Love of God Commanded (vv. 3-6)

2. The Love of God Considered (vv. 7-11)

C. Protection from the Evil One (2:12-14)

III. The Perseverance of the Christian (2:15-29) - Fighting for Christ

A. Overcomes Disobedience (2:15-17)

B. Overcomes Deceptions (2:18-27)

C. Overcomes Doubt (2:28-29)

IV. The Proofs of Being a Christian

A. The Obvious Purity of the Christian Life (3:1-9)

B. The Overarching Practice of the Christian Life (3:10-23)

V. The Power of the Christian (4) - Fervent in Christ

A. For Spiritual Warfare (4:1-6)

B. For Spiritual Witness (4:7-21)

1. Love's Demand (vv. 7-11)

2. Love's Design (vv. 12-16)

3. Love's Duty (vv. 17-21)

VI. The Presence of Christ for the Christian (5) - Faithful for Christ

A. Convictions that Control (5:1-5)

B. Conclusions that Comfort (5:6-13)

C. Confidence that Corrects and Confirms (5:14-21)

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