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Pastor's Blog: History is HIS Story!

We will return, Lord willing, to the book of Daniel this coming Sunday, March 7. The subject is Daniel’s vision of the future. He is dealing in Chapter 11 with the coming “Great Rebellion.” There is much history in the chapter which some might find on the boring side. However, let us remember that history is HIS story! It tells, primarily, of the great plan of redemption that God set in place to provide for the salvation of our souls. Further, history is a great teacher if we are willing to study it and learn the lessons it gives us.

Please be in prayer for our service on Easter Sunday, April 4. We are encouraging each church member to pray for 5 people over the 5 weeks we have leading up to Resurrection Day. Of course, we want you to invite them to join us at TBC for a great day of worshiping the Risen the Lord. We will sing and preach the Gospel.

I mentioned last Sunday that we might be able to have the men from the Just Thinking podcast with us this summer. That is taking shape, and it looks like we will be blessed to have Darrell B. Harrison and Virgil Walker with us on July 11.

This Wednesday, March 3, we will be back in the study of the book “The Church,” chapter 10, looking at the Theology of Worship. The way we worship is critical and we are governed by the Word of God in the process of setting up and carrying out our worship. The foundation is the theology behind it. This is important to the life of the church. Why do we worship? Who can worship? What is the reason for our worship? These and other important questions will be answered.

As always, I am looking forward to what God will do at Tabernacle this coming Sunday. Please be present with your Bibles in hand as we worship the Lord together!

Blessings, YFJS, Bro. Tom

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