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Q&A with Pastor Jon: What is God Like? (Part 4) - 4/27/22

God is truth

John 14:6; John 17:1-5; Hebrews 6:18

  • He is the source of all truth

  • He is the final standard of truth

The Spirit guides believers in all truth

John 16:12-15

  • Guide you

  • Not speak on His own

God’s Words are true and completely righteous

Psalm 19:9

  • Scripture – The Word of God

  • Read it – Meditate upon it

God wants us to know the truth

John 17:17

The Truth sets us free

John 8:31-32

We should live according to the truth

Psalm 86:11

  • Hear the Word

  • Believe it….as the Word of God

  • Trust it – Our hear tour heart

  • DO IT – Trust and obey!!!!!

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