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The Gospel Changes Everything (1 Corinthians 15:1-11) - 10/2/22


  • The entire chapter is a doctrinal message on the resurrection

  • They were doubting the truthfulness of the resurrection.

  • Evidently, they were questioning the resurrection of believers

  • Here (vv. 1-11) Paul is reminding/making known to them the GOSPEL.

  • Their issue was the resurrection, but Paul knew he needed to start first with basics of the Gospel.

Revisit your Decision for Christ – vv. 1-2

Paul reminds them of his ministry and their reception


  • Did you believe in vain?

Paul knew that if they were questioning the resurrection, they were also questioning THE GOSPEL

  • True believers believe the GOSPEL (all aspects)

Realize the Importance of the Resurrection – v. 3-7

Jesus died for our sins

  • Buried

  • Raised

  • Appeared

    • The POWER of the resurrection

    • Cannot be denied

Reflect upon the Gospel Change of Life – vv. 8-11

Paul’s Testimony (The Gospel changed his life). He appeared to me Acts 9:1-8 Damascus

  • Delivered

  • What was received

  • According to Scripture

  • Unworthy

  • Grace was not in vain

  • Worked harder

  • Grace of God that is with me

  • So we preach and so you believed


Whether then it was I or they, so we preach and so you believed.

  • Preached it

    • Gospel, the resurrection of Christ.

    • His resurrection. Our resurrection

  • Believed – John 1:12

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