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The Gospel Demands a Response (Luke 12:49-59) - 3/10/24


  • Last week… We need to be ready. Faithful and obedient

  • This week… We see the impact of His mission.  (What he came to do and how it impacts our life.}

  • How do we respond to the Gospel?

  • Disciples respond… hear, believe, trust, obey, live.

The Gospel calls for Division – vv. 49-53

Cast fire

  • Judgment

  • Purification


  • His suffering and death

Bring Division

  • Jesus has ALWAYS divided

  • Right and Wrong

  • TRUTH divides

  • Family. Loved ones

The Gospel calls for Discernment – vv. 54-56

When you see

  • They can predict the weather

  • Yet, cannot interpret the times

  • Jeus is the fulfillment of God’s promises, yet they would not believe

  • Jesus is the fulfilment of all God’s promises, yet DO WE BEILEVE

  • People cannot see Jesus for who He is because they do not want to

If we are really looking… then we will see

  • Spirit stirs the heart. Gives us eye to see

  • God opens the eyes of heart

The Jewish people, in particular their religious leaders, viewed themselves as being “a guide to the blind, a light to those who are in darkness, a corrector of the foolish, a teacher of the immature, having in the Law the embodiment of knowledge and of the truth” (Rom. 2:19–20). Yet they failed to discern the monumental and unparalleled reality that God’s Son the Messiah was among them and proved who He was by an incalculable array of supernatural miracles. That shocking lack of discernment in the face of such evidence rendered them permanently blind, darkened, foolish, and immature. They had failed to comprehend the true purpose of the law, which is to point people to Christ (Gal. 3:24), and they failed to confess Him as Lord (Rom. 10:9–10)


The Gospel calls for Diligence – vv. 57-59

Each must be concerned of the plight of their life.

  • The now. The eternal

Make things right when you can

Trust in Christ and live for Him

The What Now

  1. Do not strive for unity at all cost, but embrace and stand for truth at all costs.  The Gospel does divide. Be a pleaser of men or a pleaser of God. Galatians 1:10

  2. True spiritual discernment acts upon knowledge and wisdom. As we seek… we should obey.

  • Seek, Know, Do, Trust….REPEAT

  1. Do today what needs to be done today… why wait on tomorrow?

  • Robbing yourself of a blessing and are awaiting discipline

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