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The Triumphal Entry (Matthew 21:1-11) - 4/3/22


  • The only public demonstration Christ allowed.

  • Mentioned in all the Gospels

  • Jesus entering Jerusalem the Sunday before His crucifixion

  • Is fulfillment of OT prophecy

  • Jesus is the righteous redeeming, King!

The significance of this setting on this day.

The Reception

Pilgrims from outside Judea

Locals from the area

  • Would have been part of the crowd when Lazarus was raised from the dead.

Religious leaders

  • Never understand who He is, where He is from, why He came.

Spreading Cloaks and Palm branches

  • joy/celebration

  • treatment of royalty/King

He is king. At his birth. HE IS KING. THE WISE MEN. HE IS KING. His last public entrance into the city. HE IS KING

The Fulfillment

Gen 49:9-11 – Jacobs prophecy for his descendants on the last days. The scepter/ruler will not depart from Judah. Vine – Israel. Choice vine – Christ.

Dan 9:24-27 – Israel’s captivity in Babylon. The time form then to the time of their transgressions should be finished and everlasting righteousness brought in.

Zech. 9:9 – The donkey. Young. Never ridden. In the sacrificial law it must be an animal that has never been worked.

Exodus 12 – The redemption of Israel from slavery… by the blood a a lamb. The TRUE LAMB OF GOD would be sacrificed during the time of the Passover.

The Significance

ROCKS will CRY OUT (Luke) – The Ushering in of the King

Peace and Victory

  • Welcome Him with palm branches as garments as a symbol of peace and victory. Rev. 7:9.

  • They were hoping that Jesus would bring peace, yet Jesus knew of all the struggles that lay ahead.

  • Crowd proclaimed – “Peace in Heaven” Luke 19:38


  • Hosanna – “Save”

Reign and rule

The Now (coming into Jerusalem) and the Not Yet (His Second Coming) – Revelation 19:11–16

  • He will come in glory

  • The armies of heaven will accompany Him

  • As great ruler and judge

  • Scene of true victory as He establishes His Kingdom


Think about that day…

  • It DID fulfill Scripture

  • It DID usher in the Kingdom of Christ

  • They honored Him as king… YET, the reaction was not true. They honored him with their lips, but not their heart. Matthew 15:8-9

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