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World of Greed or Will of God? (1 John 2:15-17) - 7/18/21

I. THE WORLD OF GREED (2:15-17a)

Bottom Line: Victory comes in doing the will of God (v. 17).

1. The Command Against Lust (v. 15)

2. The Conduct of Lust (v. 16)

- Lust of the flesh - self gratification. Appeals to the physical

- Gen 3 - good for food

- Matt 4 - stones to bread

- Lust of the eyes - Mental gratification. Appeals to the emotions

- Gen 3:6 - pleasant to the eyes

- Matt 4 - Protection by angels, but you will be someone special

- Pride of life - Appeals to our spiritual nature

- Gen 3 - desired to make one wise

- Matt 4 - worship Satan for kingdoms of world

Worldliness has a price. Why do God’s people want to look like the world, why do they want their children to look like the world?

- Answer #1: We Want Our Kids to Be Popular.

- But God wants them to be PERFECTED (v. 5)

- Answer #2: We Want Our Kids to Be Happy

- But God wants them to be HOLY (1 Pet. 1:15-16)

3. The Conclusion of Lust (v. 17a)

- The world and all its lusts are passing away.

II. THE WILL OF GOD (v. 17b)

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