Welcome Home:
Plans for the Safe Reopening of Tabernacle Baptist Church

on SUNDAY, JUNE 7 at 10:30 AM

"Welcome home!" Those are sweet words to hear, and our prayer is that those words may be uttered in our sanctuary on Sunday, June 7 at 10:30 AM as we reopen for service!

Please note the following plans were developed in consultation with ministerial & administrative staff and deacon leadership and that these plans constitute a "soft opening" and are designed to be temporary measures. We are not sure how long the following measures will need to be in place, but we anticipate this is the reality going forward through the summer. Back-to-normal operations will likely resume slowly and in phases, so be patient with us during this process.



Our priority in this reopening is to provide a clean and safe environment, being mindful of health needs and issues, in preparation for a non-touch experience.​​

Each part of our goal is important:

  • Preparation for safety & cleanliness

  • Informed decision-making

  • Expectation of compliance



We are taking the following steps to prepare our facilities for safe use:

  • Purchase and installation of: touch-free sanitizing stations, touch-free soap dispensers, and touch-free door handles

  • Deep clean of the facility, including carpet shampooing

  • Removal of non-essential items from children's area to minimize contact and promote ease of even stricter cleaning regimen

  • Removal of every other row in sanctuary as well as additional chairs per row to ensure space between groups of 2-4 chairs (or more) for family units

  • Purchase of masks to be made available for those without such protection


We have made the following changes in procedure:

  • Modified Schedule:

    • AM Service only (No Sunday School or PM Service) - We will have a simple worship service each week. Due to social distancing and other concerns, the service will be simple and minimally staffed, very similar to our Drive-In Church. Later in the summer we will eventually add our choir and orchestra if we can do so safely.

    • Office Open on Monday, June 8 for Regular Business Hours (Monday-Thursday, 8:00 AM-4:00 PM) - The office will reopen for normal operations. However, be advised that if an employee shows even slight signs of illness, they are advised to stay home. 

    • Wednesday Night Bible Study (uncertain) - We may reopen for Wednesday night Bible study and prayer meeting, but we will wait and make a firm decision later in May. If we do resume, we will meet in the sanctuary to ensure proper distancing. We will keep you posted as to a firm date for resuming Wednesday night Bible study.

    • No Meals, Rehearsals or Meetings on Wednesday night - If we do resume for Wednesday Bible study and prayer meeting, there will be no meals, rehearsals or meetings. It is important that we open only for Bible study and then immediately disperse.

    • No Weekday Meetings - Any meetings scheduled at the church building must still be cancelled or postponed during this time.

    • Enter through Main Entrance - For a period of time, we will keep the back gate and back entrance locked to minimize travel through the building. We will also have ushers stationed to open the front door for you to prevent unnecessary contact with the door handles.

  • No printed Worship Guide or handouts - The Digital Worship Guide webpage we have been using for our Drive-In Church will be made available each week. Also, we will provide the regular Worship Guide, prayer list & sermon notes online. For Sunday's service, feel free to print the Worship Guide & Sermon Notes to bring with you.

  • No passing of the offering plate - We will have plates or other receptacles available for the safe distribution of tithes and offerings.

  • No coffee or snacks - Obviously, concerns with food safety dictate that we suspend any kind of food service temporarily.

  • No gathering in the foyer - Socializing in the foyer must be discontinued for the time being.

  • Recommended use of gloves & masks - We are working on securing these so that they will be available for anyone in need of them.

  • Funerals/Memorials & Weddings are case-by-case - We must take each of these requests on a case-by-case basis.

  • Restrooms will be made available with modifications - In addition to the no-touch soap dispenser and no-touch door handle, we are also enlisting the help of deacons to serve as monitors. They will make sure only one person is using the facilities at a time. We are asking that everyone use their restrooms at home before arriving at church, if possible. Since we are only offering the AM worship service, it's possible that the restrooms will rarely be needed.

  • Social distancing is a necessity - We will adhere to a no-touch policy.

  • TBC Lake closed - The TBC Lake is currently closed. Any reservations for June & July are cancelled, and we are not accepting any new reservations through August 31. An official reopening date is to-be-determined.

We hope this explains the plan & procedures going forward. We desire to do two things: love God in our worship and love our neighbor through careful preparation. These two Great Commandments are the motivation for us as we move forward.


6611 Zebulon Rd.

Macon, GA 31220

P.O. Box 28341
Macon, GA 31221

Office: 478.476.3507
Fax: 478.476.9436

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