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Online Giving Powered by Subsplash Giving

Thank you for considering a donation to Tabernacle Baptist Church. We exist by through grace of God through the faithful giving of His people.

Below you will find an FAQ section. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact our church office by phone (478-476-3507) or e-mail. Thank you!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the methods of giving?

  • CARD (ONLINE): You may give online using the form at the top of the page or by clicking here. Please note that Subsplash Giving is our new online giving processor. If you have not yet set up your account or have any questions, feel free to contact Lydia or Kenny at the church office.

  • CHECK OR CASH: You may donate by cash or check by:
    - Giving during a regular worship service
    - Dropping a check or cash in our locked Donation Box outside the church office, using envelopes provided
    - Mailing a check or cash to:
      PO Box 28341
      Macon, GA 31221

2. Will I receive a year-end giving statement?

  • Yes, we have retained the services of a local accounting firm, and they will distribute year-end giving statements in January of each year for the previous fiscal year giving. If you are in need of a year-end giving statement for your taxes and did not receive one, please contact the church office.

3. Is it important to give, and is it expected of members?

4. Is giving expected of guests of TBC?

  • Giving is NOT expected of guests to our church. You are obviously welcome to give, if you feel led to do so, but your presence as a guest is your gift to us. The only thing we do ask that you put in the offering plate is a Guest Registration Card if you are a first-time guest.

5. What financial safeguards are in place to make sure monies are secure and responsibly used?

  • INCOME: A Money-Counting Committee meets in groups of at least 2 to count the money, record the giving information and make deposits. The deposit record is recorded by both our Church Secretary and Pastor of Worship & Administration. The deposit record is given to our outside accounting firm who records the amounts as well as the donor information to distribute year-end giving statements to each individual who gave.

  • EXPENSES: We have a 3-step system, so each bill or expense has to pass the inspection of 3. For each bill or expense, our Secretary and Pastor of Worship & Administration initial each submission. The items are sent to our outside accounting firm, and only they have the ability to print the checks. Then, each check must be signed by two authorized signatories. For budgeting purposes, we have a Finance Committee staffed with trustworthy individuals who love the Lord and understand finances, many of whom own or oversee business or finance.

Once again, for more inquiries, feel free to contact us:

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