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A Life of Blessing (Luke 6:20-23) - 4/30/23


  • Jesus prayed, commissioned the 12, healed the sick, and preached this message. (Blessings and Woes)

  • KEY… God will always BLESS faithfulness. A life of Godliness. Living a life that is pleasing to the Lord.

  • There are tremendous blessings when we seek our hope and purpose in Him.

  • Woes when we seek hope and purpose in the world

  • Our attitude is crucial. Our toward the things of life.

  • The already… not yet. Here and There. Temporal and eternal.

Blessed Are

  • The favor of God upon one’s life

  • A state of well-being because of one’s relationship with God.

Who are Poor

  • Completely dependent on God. Spiritually bankrupt.

  • Poor in NT society were dependent on others.

  • This is why the GOSPEL is so important.


  • KEY IS TRUST. Trust in God for both our physical and material.

Yours is the kingdom of God

  • Notice…IS. Present tense.

  • Rule and reign of God.

  • In my heart and outward.

Who are Hungry

  • Hunger, yearning, desire to be filled.

  • For His help and presence.

  • Matthew 5:6 – Righteousness. (Doing and living right in God’s eyes)

You shall be satisfied

  • Contentment


  • Now and later

  • Needs today… Philippians 4:7 – peace that passes all understanding

  • For all eternity.

Who Weep

  • Over current condition and then turn to God for redemption.

  • Over the things of the day. (living this side of heaven)

You shall laugh

When you are Hated, Excluded, Reviled, Spurned

  • Society is opposed to the things of God

  • Hostility and animosity from the world on the Gospel

  • And the messengers! CHURCH AND PEOPLE

Rejoice in that day, leap for joy

Applying the Word

  • The blessings of life are not found in prosperity, health… the good life.

  • While as believers we may experience some of the blessings of things and health.

  • The blessings of life come from our trust in the Lord. Our attitude (thinking) will manifest itself in our life (character).

  • This is only possible as we consider the Gospel. We were POOR, HUNGRY, DEAD… Yet, God created a new creation… We are saved, born again… TO A LIVING HOPE 1 Peter 1:3-9

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