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Appointed, Anointed, and Sent (Luke 6:12-16) - 4/16/23


  • From controversy to teaching

  • Tucked in between is the calling of the Apostles

  • Why? God is establishing His Kingdom Plan

  • Appointed, Sent, With a message. With His authority

  • This is a great word for us today. We have the same mission

  • Perfect timing considering our weekend! DLIFE

The Importance of Prayer – v. 12

Jesus Praying

In these days

  • He knew His journey (to the cross)

All night He continued

  • Privately

  • Passionately

  • Dependently

Called, Appointed and Sent – v. 13a


  • Saved person learning to live under the Lordship of Jesus Christ

  • Listen, Learn, Invest, Influence, and Impact

    • We have the listening and learning down… how about going and living?

Called and Sent

  • Called out. From… To

  • Personal

  • Immediately, Purposefully

With Divine Authority – v. 13b

Apostles – one sent with authority

  • They could never fail because God called sent

Revelation 21:14The Apostles name upon the foundation of the city.

  • 12 Tribes – 12 Apostles

Utilizing Ordinary People – vv. 14-16

Not highly educated, not politically connected, nothing special… willing to FOLLOW JESUS

  • Fishermen, Tax Collector, Zealot

What set them apart:

  • Faithfulness, Willingness, Obedience

Their message

  • The Gospel, The Good News of the Kingdom

  • The Words of God

Their authority

The Go and Do

  • We do not have a need for Apostles (because we have the Word), but we still have the Great Commission to fulfill. Matthew 28:18-20

  • We have been appointed, anointed, and sent

  • Are we true followers of Christ? A follower is moving after. We are in the process of something… FOLLOWING JESUS

  • Are we engaged in the mission… or are we just listening to the message?

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