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Daniel's Persistence and a Vision of Glory, Part 1 (Daniel 10:1-9) - 2/7/21

E. Daniel's Persistence and a Vision of Glory for Israel (ch. 10)

1. A Persistent Prayer in Times of Sorrowful Waiting (vv. 1-3)

a. The People and the Temple

b. The Prophecies and the Truth

2. A Prophetic Plan Revealed with Serious Wisdom (vv. 4-9, 14)

a. An Awesome Vision of the King of Kings

b. An Important Lesson for Spiritual Leaders

- There is a price to pay!

What is the price? We have to get serious about the things of God!

Some Lessons to be Learned:

- We must get alone with Jesus - daily!

- We must worship Jesus - weekly!

- We must surrender to Jesus - yearly (or perpetually)!

Why? Because we do not have the strength to serve God on our own.

But we can be effective in our service to the Lord if we hear and heed His words!

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