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Daniel's Promise for the End Times, Part 1 (Daniel 12:1-4) - 4/11/21

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

Download the Sermon Notes for April 11, 2021.

Daniel's Promise for the End Times (ch. 12) - "The Great Tribulation"

1. The Great Promise of Rescue (v. 1)

a. A Great Defender

b. A Time of Distress

c. A Mighty Deliverance

2. The Great Promise of Resurrection & Judgment (v. 2)

a. The Final Resurrection

b. Everlasting Life

c. Everlasting Contempt

3. The Great Promise of Reward (v. 3)

a. The Wise

b. The Righteous

c. The Rewards

4. The Great Promise of Revelation (v. 4)

a. Sealing of the Book

b. Seeking for Answers

5. The Great Promise of Refining & Retribution (vv. 5-13)

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