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Family Devotional Guide - 1/7/24

This week’s Family Devotional Guide is based on our Scripture reading from Sunday, Luke 8:4-21.


DAY 1:

  • Scripture: Luke 8:4-15

  • Discussion: This section of Scripture is commonly known as the parable of the soils (or, the parable of the sower). Spend some time discussing the elements of the story and what they represent (see verses 11-15). Who is the sower, and what does the seed represent? What does each soil type represent? What practical applications can we draw from this parable regarding evangelism, discipleship, and other spiritual realities about those we encounter each day?

  • Song: “Facing a Task Unfinished” by Ed Cash, Fionán De Barra, Frank Houghton, Keith Getty, Kristyn Getty & Samuel Wesley


DAY 2:

  • Scripture: Luke 8:16-18

  • Discussion: What point was Jesus trying to make in verse 16? What might he be referring to by mentioning a lit lamp? Paraphrase verse 17 in your own words. Discuss the reality of hidden things coming to light and what that means for our lives as Christians. Jesus ends this section by telling us to “take care then how you hear.” What do you think is the content of what is being heard, and does that have connection with receiving the gospel and the teaching of the word (see v. 15)?

  • Song: “Ancient Words” by Lynn DeShazo


DAY 3:

  • Scripture: Luke 8:19-21

  • Discussion: Spend some time discussing Jesus’s reaction in this passage. After hearing that His own relatives have come to visit Him (and cannot reach Him but are “standing outside”), Jesus uses this circumstance to teach about His values. While the crowd assumed that those closest to Jesus are those that are related to Him, Jesus says that those who are closest to Him like a mother or brother “are those who hear the word of God and do it” (v. 21).  What does this show us about those who are close to Jesus? How might we draw closer to Jesus this year?

  • Song: “I Am Thine, O Lord” by Fanny J. Crosby & William H. Doane

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