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Family Devotional Guide - 2/26/23

For this week’s Family Devotional Guide, we’ll focus on the Scripture reading from Sunday, Matthew 8:28-34.


  • Scripture: Matthew 8:28-29

  • Discussion: This section of Matthew’s gospel details two demon-possessed men and the story of how Jesus delivered them from demonic oppression. The demons inside these men cry out in verse 29. What title do they use to describe Jesus? What do the demons mean by “the time”? How does Jesus overcoming demonic powers connect to the story detailed before this account in verses 23-27?

  • Song: “You Are God Alone” by Billy J. Foote & Cindy Foote


  • Scripture: Matthew 8:30-32

  • Discussion: Why would the demons have begged to be sent into pigs? What fear compelled them to ask for this option? What can we learn about the demons by the immediate reactions of these pigs once Jesus cast the demons into them?

  • Song: “Great I AM” by Jared Anderson


  • Scripture: Matthew 8:33-34

  • Discussion: In verse 33, we find the caretakers of the pigs going into the city to tell what happened to them and their pigs. What might they have said to the folks in the town? Why did the townsfolk respond by begging Jesus to leave their region? How should they have responded? Discuss how you would explain why Jesus deserved to be worshiped, not rejected.

  • Song: “Worthy of Worship” by Mark Blankenship & Terry W. York

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