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Family Devotional Guide - 4/14/24

This week’s Family Devotional Guide is based on our Scripture reading from Sunday, Matthew 7:13-23.



  • Scripture: Matthew 7:13-14

  • Discussion: What command does Jesus issue at the beginning of this verse, and how do we apply it practically? What characteristics make up the wide gate? Why do you think so many enter by it, and what is the result of entering through the wide gate? What characteristics make up the narrow gate? Why do few people find the narrow gate? How do people enter through the narrow gate?

  • Song: “Show Us Christ” by Bob Kauflin & Doug Plank



  • Scripture: Matthew 7:15-20

  • Discussion: After teaching about the narrow and wide gates, Jesus turns his attention to false prophets. What does this tell us about the connection between individuals going down the path to destruction and false prophets? How will we recognize false prophets? What kind of fruit do you think Jesus is referencing? Discuss some examples of modern false prophets. What can we do to guard against being influenced by false prophets and their teaching?

  • Song: “O Great God” by Bob Kauflin



  • Scripture: Matthew 7:21-23

  • Discussion: According to v. 21, is it possible to call Jesus your Lord but still not have genuine saving faith? Jesus says that many will say that they called Him Lord and did many great works, yet they will end up being cast out of the presence of the Lord and not enter heaven. Discuss what the Bible has to say about assurance of faith.

  • Song: “By Faith” by Keith Getty, Kristyn Getty & Stuart Townend

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