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Family Devotional Guide - 5/5/24

Updated: May 7

As of this Sunday, our Family Devotional Guides going forward will focus on a section from Psalm 119. This lengthy psalm is an acrostic psalm broken up into 22 stanzas. We pray this psalm, which focuses on the Word of God itself, will strengthen you in your walk with the Lord!


Day 1

  • Scripture: Psalm 119:1-3

  • Discussion: This psalm opens with a proclamation of blessing. What are the actions that will lead to God’s blessing? What are some practical ways we can maintain a blameless way? What does it mean to seek him with “with their whole heart”? What does this look like on a practical level as we live the Christian life?

  • Song: “All I Have Is Christ” by Jordan Kauflin

Day 2

  • Scripture: Psalm 119:4-5

  • Discussion: What has the Lord commanded in verse 4? What is the manner in which we uphold that command? What does it look like to keep the precepts of the Lord diligently? In verse 5, the psalmist expresses his heart’s desire: “Oh that my ways may be steadfast in keeping your statutes!” Spend some time in prayer and ask that the Lord would help you remain steadfast in following the Lord.

  • Song: “Trust and Obey” by Daniel B. Towner & John H. Sammis


Day 3

  • Scripture: Psalm 119:6-8

  • Discussion: In light of the psalmist’s desire to be steadfast in keeping God’s law, verse 6 opens with “Then.” What is “then” referring to? How does verse 5 (and prior verses) connect to the outcome in verse 6 (i.e. that the psalmist would “not be put to shame” while “having my eyes fixed on all your commandments”)? What does the psalmist commit to do in verses 7-8? How can you follow the psalmist’s example?

  • Song: “Lord Most High” by Don Harris & Gary Sadler

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