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Family Devotional Guide - 6/18/23

For the remainder of the summer months, we’ll be featuring a “Songs of the Summer” series by utilizing some of the D-Life material from the psalms. This series will include selections that aren’t already being covered in this summer’s D-Life groups. For those not already involved in the D-Life groups, this series will give you a taste of what the groups discuss each week. Please note that we’ll be launching new groups in September, so that will be a great time to get involved.

For this week’s lesson, we will be discussing Psalm 84:1-12. One suggested use for this material would be to break up the discussion questions into three days (and read the Bible study passage each time before discussing those questions).

Discussion Questions:

  • Do you believe that joining together with God’s people in corporate worship is important? Why or why not? How important is it to you? How often do you participate in a corporate worship experience?

  • In this Psalm, the writer expresses his intense desire for the courts of the Lord. What words did he use to describe this (v. 1-2)? Why was he envious of the sparrow and the swallow (v. 3)? How would you compare your longing for courts of the Lord to that of the writer of this psalm?

  • The word “blessed” is used three times (v. 4, 5, 12). In each instance, who did the writer say was “blessed” and how do you identify with these blessings?

  • What do you think is the significance of the “Valley of Baca” (v. 6)? If this valley is a dry place of weeping, what great promise to claim did the writer give to those who keep focused on their worship of God (v. 6-7)?

  • Can you share about a time when you passed through a “Valley of Baca?” How did your worship of God help you get though this valley and “go from strength to strength?”

  • What did the writer say about one day in God’s courts (v. 10a)? What did he say about being a “doorkeeper” in the house of his God (v. 10b)? Are these sayings true for you? Why or why not? In what ways are you serving God?

  • What does it mean that God is our “sun and shield” (v. 11a)? What does it mean to have God’s “favor” on your life? What great promise to claim did the writer give to “those who walk uprightly” (v. 11b)? How does this promise motivate you to make right choices?

  • How should this psalm change one’s attitude about public worship? In what ways are you challenged by this psalm in your own heart towards worship?

This week’s material is taken from Pastor Bill Wilks’ D-Life Study Guides (Old Testament 2, Week 20: Study of the Psalms).

Suggested Songs for Worship:

  • “Better Is One Day” by Matt Redman

  • “Here I Am to Worship” by Tim Hughes

  • “The Heart of Worship” by Matt Redman

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