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Family Devotional Guide - 6/23/24

Our current Family Devotional Guide series is an exploration of the 119th psalm.  This lengthy psalm is an acrostic psalm broken up into 22 stanzas, and we are covering one stanza each week. We pray this psalm, which focuses on the Word of God itself, will strengthen you in your walk with the Lord!


Day 1

  • Scripture: Psalm 119:57-58

  • Discussion: Discuss what it means for the Lord to be your portion. How might the Lord being your portion impact your daily life and life choices? What does the psalmist promise in the second half of verse 57 (presumably in light of the Lord being his portion)? The psalmist then asks for the Lord’s favor in verse 58. At the end of verse 58, what does the psalmist appeal to in asking the Lord to be gracious?

  • Song: “You Are My All in All” by Dennis Jernigan

Day 2

  • Scripture: Psalm 119:59-61

  • Discussion: Where are the psalmist’s feet pointing? What does it mean for the psalmist to have his feet pointed in a certain direction? What does this tell us about his priorities? Are you quick to obey the Lord like the psalmist (v. 60)? Why or why not? What are the wicked seeking to do to the psalmist (v. 61)? Do you think the wicked are trying to encourage the psalmist to forsake the Lord? How can we stand strong in holiness and obedience to God’s Word in the light of persecution? How can we be careful to remember the law of God?

  • Song: “10,000 Reasons” by Jonas Myrin & Matt Redman


Day 3

  • Scripture: Psalm 119:62-64

  • Discussion: Why might the psalmist rise at midnight to praise the Lord? What does this tell us about how frequently he must have been meditating on God’s commands? With what kind of people does the psalmist associate (v. 63)? What does this tell us about the importance of Christian fellowship and godly influence? The psalmist ends this section of Psalm 119 by focusing on the steadfast love of the Lord with a request that the Lord teaches him His statutes. How does the love of the Lord make it easy to follow His commands?

  • Song: “Great Are You, Lord” by Jason Ingram, Leslie Jordan & David Leonard

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