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Family Devotional Guide - 6/28/20


  • SCRIPTURE: Psalms 42-43

  • DISCUSSION: Our Scripture reading for June 28, Psalms 42-43, feature the psalmist questioning himself and speaking truth to himself. Why is that kind of inner dialogue so important? How is what the psalmist doing connected to the practice of meditating on Scripture?

  • SONG: “As the Deer” by Martin Nystrom


  • SCRIPTURE: Lamentations 3:21-23

  • DISCUSSION: In this passage, the prophet Jeremiah says that he calls to mind some characteristics of God and how that gives him hope. Specifically, he refers to the connected traits of God’s love that “never ceases”, His mercies that “never come to an end” and His faithfulness that is “great.” How might God’s love, mercy & faithfulness give you hope? Are you regularly calling to mind these traits of our Lord?

  • SONG: “One Thing Remains” by Brian Johnson, Christa Black Gifford & Jeremy Riddle


  • SCRIPTURE: Lamentations 3:25-26

  • DISCUSSION: In this passage, Jeremiah mentions waiting for the Lord and seeking Him. What does it mean to wait for the Lord? Have you experienced periods in your life when you believed God was calling you to wait? How have you responded during those periods, and how might you respond better in the future?”

  • SONG: “In His Time” by Diane Ball

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