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Family Devotional Guide - 6/4/23

This week’s Family Devotional Guide is taken from our Scripture reading for Sunday, Matthew 7:24-29.


  • Scripture: Matthew 7:24-25

  • Discussion: What two verbs are used in verse 24 to indicate what the wise man does? How would you describe hearing and doing the word of God? Describe a time in which you or someone you know has heard the Word of God but did not obey. Describe a time in which you or someone you know were willing to obey but had not heard a particular command and were unaware that you were being disobedient to that command. Why is both hearing (knowledge of God’s Word) and obedience is important?

  • Song: “Trust and Obey” by Daniel B. Towner & John H. Sammis


  • Scripture: Matthew 7:26-27

  • Discussion: The foolish man is described as someone who hears the Word of God (in other words, he knows God’s commands), yet he does not obey them. What is the result in this parable? How does this compare to the foolish person’s overall way of life, and what is the ultimate outcome for that individual?

  • Song: “We Are Listening” by Jeremy Quillo


  • Scripture: Matthew 7:28-29

  • Discussion: What was the crowd’s response to Jesus’s teaching? Why did the crowd respond in the way that they did? The apostle Matthew tells us that Jesus “was teaching them as one who had authority.” What does this statement mean? Matthew compares Jesus’ teaching to that of the scribes who were not teaching with authority. What do you think Matthew was trying to tell us about the Scribes’ teaching? Why did their teaching lack a sense of authority?

  • Song: “How Firm a Foundation” – Words from John Rippon’s Selection of Hymns; music from Joseph Funk’s Genuine Church Music

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