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Family Devotional Guide - 7/24/22

The Scripture passage for Sunday, July 24 will serve as our Family Devotional Guide readings for this week. Our prayer is that by looking through this passage, Romans 12:3-8, we’ll better understand the subject of spiritual gifts.

Day 1

  • Scripture: Romans 12:3

  • Discussion: Paul opens this subject on spiritual gifts by focusing on humility. In this verse, he commands us “not to think of [ourselves] more highly than” we should. Why is humility so importantin church life? How can we “think with sober judgment” about ourselves and others?

  • Song: “Receive the Glory” by Bob Kauflin

Day 2

  • Scripture: Romans 12:4-5

  • Discussion: Discuss the significance of comparing the church of Jesus Christ to a body. Why is it important to consider that we, as individuals, are members of a larger group of people, the church (the body of Christ)?

  • Song: “O Church, Arise” by Keith Getty & Stuart Townend

Day 3

  • Scripture: Romans 12:6-8

  • Discussion: Spend some time walking through each of these spiritual gifts that Paul mentions: prophecy, service, teaching, exhortation, giving, leading, showing mercy. What do these terms mean? How are they demonstrated in the lives of Christians today?

  • Song: “Take My Life” by Chris Tomlin, Frances Ridley Havergal, Henri A.C. Malan & Louie Giglio

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