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Family Devotional Guide - 8/27/23

For the rest of August, we’ll continue our “Songs of the Summer” series by utilizing some of the D-Life material from the psalms. This series will include selections that aren’t already being covered in this summer’s D-Life groups. For those not already involved in the D-Life groups, they will be launching soon. If you are interested in joining a group, please contact the church office and we can get you connected.

For this week’s lesson, we will be discussing Psalm 119:1-11. One suggested use for this material would be to break up the discussion questions into three days (and read the Bible study passage each time before discussing those questions).

Discussion Questions:

  • How would you describe your belief in and commitment to the Bible as the Word of God? How is it going with your daily study and meditation on the Bible? How has D-Life helped you with this?

  • In this alphabetic acrostic Psalm, the writer professes his total devotion to the Word of God. This is both the longest psalm and longest chapter in the Bible. In verses 1-2, who did the writer say would be blessed? According to the writer, what does it mean to be blameless or undefiled (v. 1)?

  • What command to obey has God given His people concerning His precepts (v. 4)? According to the writer, how are we to keep His precepts?

  • Why did the writer say he would not be “put to shame” (v. 6)? Read v. 18 & 37. What two great prayers concerning our eyes can we learn from these verses and why should we pray these prayers daily?

  • In the first section of this psalm (v. 1-8), how many different ways did the writer refer to the Word of God? What do you think are the various shades of meaning of these different words for the Scriptures?

  • In verse 9, what important question did the writer raise and how did he answer this question? How would you compare your commit to seek after God to that of the writers (v. 10)?

  • What does it mean to “store up” or “hide” God’s word in your heart (v. 11)? Why is it important to memorize Scripture? Can you quote some of the Bible verses you have committed to memory and share what they mean to you?

  • A proverb on the Bible says, “This Book will keep me from sin or sin will keep me from this Book.” According to the writer (v. 11), do you believe this is true? Why or why not? Is anything keeping you from studying the Bible?

This week’s material is taken from Pastor Bill Wilks’ D-Life Study Guides (Old Testament 2, Week 30: Study of the Psalms).

Suggested Songs for Worship:

  • “Speak, O Lord” by Keith Getty & Stuart Townend

  • “Ancient Words” by Lynn DeShazo

  • “Standing on the Promises” by Russell Kelso Carter

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