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Following After Jesus 101 (Luke 8:1-3) - 7/16/23


  • Jesus continues to minister in Galilee

  • His disciples and the women are with Him

  • Both… both are faithful followers

  • It is “Following after Jesus 101”

Jesus Proclaiming the Kingdom

The Kingdom of God

  • The rule and reign of God over His creation

  • The redemptive purpose of Christ to reconcile man to God

Proclaiming and Bringing

  • With our mouth

  • With our life

The Disciples Following after Their Savior

The life of a disciple

  • There is a call/invitation to follow Matthew 4:19 (Fishers of men)

  • Lifelong journey of believing, learning, and growing

  • Fueled by our devotion and commitment

  • Involves daily taking up the cross

The Redeemed Investing in the Work

  • Giving because they had received) supporting

  • Mary Magdalen – Seven demons

  • Joanna – Husband was household manager

  • Susanna

  • They were with Christ every step of the way

Different backgrounds, different issues

  • Yet, each one separated from God because of their sin

  • One Savior. Same forgiveness

  • Once forgiven… serving

Dedicated their life to serving Christ and His Church

  • There is a difference… from serving and observing

  • Then… the actual ministry of Christ

  • From Acts forward… the ministry of Christ’s Church


  • Not the leftovers

  • Off the top

  • We are so guilty of giving the Lord what we have left

    • Or call upon Him when we tried but failed

  • WHAT IF… We just lived every second of every day as He is OUR LORD AND SAVIOR



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