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Getting Right with God (Jonah 2:1-10) - 4/17/24


  • God’s delieverance of Jonah

  • Jonah’s realization… His Sin and His Prayer

  • God’s Mercy and Grace

Realize the problem – vv. 1-2

  • I called out

  • My distress

  • Taking ownership. OUR SIN before a holy God

Understand God’s discipline – v. 3

Discipline is:

  • To correct, train, and instruct

  • Is motivated by God’s love for us

  • It is for our profit…to share in His holiness

  • Will lead to the fruits of our salvation

We can either

  • Get mad and fight against it

  • Get discourage and faint under it

  • Get stubborn and invite more of it

  • Get submissive and learn from it

Look upon God’s Holy temple – vv. 4-7

Notice two truths:

  • He knew how bad he had gotten

  • He knew God was the only answer

  • Holy, Righteous, Just

Change your life– vv. 8-9

  • He went from serving (vain & worthless idols).  The idols of his own heart

  • To serving and following the Lord

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