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Having No Confidence in the Flesh (Philippians 3:1-11) - 3/29/20

The theme of Chapter 3: A spiritually-minded church in fellowship with Christ.

The outline of chapter 3 follows:

  • Having No Confidence in the Flesh, 3:1-11, “Our Priority: Conformed to Christ”

  • Pressing Toward the Goal, 3:12-16, “Our Prize: The Call of God”

  • Eagerly Waiting for the Savior, 3:17-21, “Our Position: Citizenship in Heaven”

Rejoice in the Lord!

Religion cannot save you. Christianity is the Anti-religion!

True righteousness can only come by faith.

Therefore, put no confidence in the flesh....

I. Resist Those Who Would Rob You of Your Joy (vv. 1-3) -Be cautious about self-righteousness and legalism. A. Rejoice in the Lord not your Religious Accomplishments B. Reject False Doctrines 1. Eliminate Racial Prejudice and Religious Superiority

2. Expunge any concept of a works-based Salvation C. Refuse Selfish Motivations 1. Worship in the Spirit 2. Rejoice in Christ

II. Reject All Human Achievement (Religion) (vv. 4-8) -Give up Religion to Gain Christ. A. The Religious Résumé of Paul B. The Rubbish of Religion Rejected C. The Reality of a Relationship with Christ

-Christianity is not what you do for Christ but rather what Christ does in and through you for His glory!

III. Receive the Righteousness of Your Relationship with Christ (vv. 9-11) A. Rejecting your Righteousness to Receive His B. Resurrection Power - Knowing Him, Suffering for Him, Attaining Eternal Life

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