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Jesus Changes Everything (Luke 2:8-20) - 1/1/23


  • Perfect timing for a NEW YEAR sermon.


  • Christ is born… what next?

  • The Shepherds give a great example of a changed life.

  • They encounter Christ and begin to live differently

The Message from Heaven – vv. 8-14

  • Angel of the Lord – a messenger with a Word from God

  • Fear Not – Worship, adore. honor and respect, but do not worry.

  • Bring good news of great joy for all people

    • Everything points to this… this is what the world has been waiting for

  • A Savior, Christ the Lord

  • Saves for our sins

  • Lord of our life

    • Authority over all

    • Guidance

    • Provision

  • Heavenly host join in

    • Glory to God in the highest

    • Peace on earth

    • Those whom He is pleased

      • God comes to man

      • God’s favor upon those that are His

The Reaction of the Shepherds – vv. 15-17

  • They heard

  • They discussed

  • They believed

  • They obeyed

    • With haste

    • They went

    • Followed the Word precisely

  • They proclaimed

    • Made known

    • Could not help but share

  • They lived differently

    • glorifying and praising God

    • Trusting (Heard and seen as had been told)

    • God said it… then did it

The Impact on the People – vv. 18-19

  • All who heard

  • Wondered at the words told them

    • Marvel, consider

    • Extraordinary… impressed or disturbed

  • Mary treasured up and pondered

    • To keep close… think through

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