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Jesus Cleanses and Forgives (Luke 5:12-26) - 3/12/23


  • His authority to cleanse/purify

  • His authority to forgive sins

  • His authority to redeem and save

  • He makes all things new!

Jesus and the Leper – vv. 12-16

Leper’s condition

  • Outcast, unclean

  • Full of leprosy (total)

  • He knew His condition and knew who could heal him

    • Feel at His feet

    • Lord, if you will

  • A picture of man today… total depravity. Romans 7:24

Jesus’ response

  • Touches Him (NO ONE TOUCHED A LEPER)

  • I will, be clean

  • Immediately

  • Today, Jesus cleanses the soul of man!

Go, and show yourself to the priest

  • To show them he was completely healed

  • Following the OT Law Leviticus 14:1-32

  • The already and not principle

Even more the report abroad, crowds gathered

Jesus and the Paralytic – vv. 17-26

Pharisees and teachers of the law

  • The religious law experts we pressed in to hear

  • They heard with their ears, but nothing else

Paralytic and His friends seek out Christ

  • Concern, Passion, Determination

  • Understood Jesus has the answer (THE GOSPEL)

  • They were hearing and believing

Jesus’ response


    • Faith = Hear, Believe, Trust, Do

  • Sins are forgiven


Pharisee’s reaction

  • Only God can forgive sins

  • Same response from the world today

  • The world creates their own version of what God would do (Satan in the garden)

Jesus’ rebuke

  • Responds…By my authority Son of Man

  • Get up and walk

  • Immediately

  • Glorifying God


  • Jesus has the authority to cleanse and forgive

  • This is not about physical, but spiritual

  • He is demonstrating HIS AUTHORITY TO SAVE/REDEEM

  • Completely and Immediately

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