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Jesus is Calling for Disciples (Luke 5:1-11) - 3/5/23


  • Matthew 4:19-22, Mark 1:16-20

  • Focuses on Christ’s lordship and Peter’s obedience

  • Jesus is Lord. He is calling for disciples

The Words of Jesus – vv.1-3

  • Notice… the Word of God – v. 1

  • Literally… Words from God

  • Taught the people – v. 3

    • Teach instruct. From a tutor (direct, advise)

The Reception of the Disciples – vv.4-11

Hear – v.4

  • Let down your nets for a catch. HIS WORD

Believe – v. 5a

  • Master. Authority.

Trust – v. 5b

  • By your word I will put down the nets


  • They were experienced fisherman

  • They caught nothing last night. Worst time of day to fish

  • Submission

Experience (the blessing) – vv.6-7

  • A picture of salvation

  • A picture of the WORK in the Kingdom

  • We can do much more when we H.B.T.D.

  • Not by their power, but by God’s.

Worship – v.8

  • Depart from me a sinner…Lord

  • Sovereign Lordship (over all of creation)

  • Notice how he recognizes his sinfulness.

Go (continue to go) – vv.10-11

  • Acknowledgement leads to obedience

  • Catch men

  • Left everything…followed

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