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Lessons on Life & Ministry (Luke 6:17-19) - 4/23/23


  • He called the Apostles, now He is modeling ministry, then He will teach the multitude.

  • A picture of ministry. He is not speaking. He is demonstrating.

  • Tucked in between the calling and the teaching we see Jesus modeling true ministry.

  • 2 Corinthians 5:14-21 Remember, we are new creations… ambassadors of Jesus Christ. OUR MINISTRY AND LIFE ARE ONE!

Ministry is about people.

Jesus is showing them how to DO THE WORK OF THE MINISTRY

Giving of ourselves for the benefit of others

  • Time, Talents, Treasures

  • Making ourselves available

  • Serving others

The goal is helping others grow in their walk with Christ

  • Jesus was an expert on personal discipleship

  • A mentoring discipleship

  • Pouring our life into others


    • What Christ has done in me

    • How I share that with others

  • What we SAY and WHAT WE DO

Our circle of influence

  • Home

  • Work

  • Community

A variety of people

  • Apostle THEM

  • Disciples

  • Great multitude (Jews and Gentiles)

Meeting people where they are is key!

  • Purpose

  • Passion

  • Patience

  • Persistence

Ministry is about the power of the Gospel.

Luke 19:10 – Jesus was healing those that came. He came to seek and to save that which is lost.

John 10:10 – He came to give life and give life more abundantly

Today, we do not heal and cast out demons, but we do have the message of LIFE


  • The Gospel power

  • New Creations in Christ

  • Sharing the Gospel

  • Living out the Gospel


  • Not just a decision

  • Not just a baptism


What now?

Do you consider your life as a call to ministry?

Who are you “Gospel” pouring your life into?

  • Individually

  • As a family

When you do… life takes on a whole new meaning? OUR PURPOSE

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