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Neglecting So Great Salvation (Hebrews 2:1-4) - 6/30/21

3 reasons to see that Hebrews was written to the saved:

  1. “We,” if to the lost, the writer is lost.

  2. You can’t drift or slip from something unless you have it.

  3. You can’t neglect what you don’t have. You can reject it.

3. Jesus Brings a Greater Salvation (vv. 1-4)

a. Careless Indifference in our Commitment - Drifting (v. 1)

- The solution: serious commitment to hearing and heeding

Dr. Sam Cathey said: “Being a Christian is not a way of looking at certain things, it is a certain way of looking at everything.”

- To What shall we give heed?

b. Constant Instruction in our Calling - Dedicated (vv. 2-4)

- The Steadfast Word

- The Escape potential

- The Witness of God

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