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Pastor's Blog: Dare to Be a Daniel

God willing, we will preach our last message in the book of Daniel this Sunday, April 25. The message is titled, “Dare to Be a Daniel.” Over the last several months we have learned much about the character of this great man of God. We have learned, for example, that the reason he was able to used of God in such a mighty way is that he knew his Bible! The Prophet Ezekiel was a contemporary of Daniel and he put Daniel in a category with Noah and Job. "'Even if these three men, Noah, Daniel, and Job, were in it, they would deliver only themselves by their righteousness,' says the Lord GOD" (Ezekiel 14:14). This shows us the respect God Himself had for Daniel’s righteousness.

In our final message on this great book, we will consider the man Daniel himself. We will learn ten character traits that he demonstrated that we would do well to emulate. I believe the message will be an encouragement to you in learning to walk more faithfully with God.

It is my plan to begin preaching through the book of First John on Sunday mornings in May. The tentative start date for that will be May 9, Mother’s Day. First John might be subtitled, “Christianity 101.” The basics of the Christian life are laid out by John. In essence he answers the question, “What is a Christian?”

We will be making some changes to our Wednesday evening schedule. Please consider the importance of our midweek meeting and begin making plans to get back to the Lord’s house for a midweek recharge. We will move to a worship service format soon. We will begin preaching from the book of Hebrews when we make the change, which will start likely sometime in May. Hebrews is an important New Testament letter from which we can learn much about the character of our Lord Jesus Christ, the plan of redemption, and the call for faithful discipleship in the lives of believers.

There is much amiss in the life of the modern church. We are living in evil days which require our diligence in the things of God. We need to know our Bibles well so that we will be prepared when the evil day comes upon us. The true church will survive but must go through the fire. Are you prepared for that?

As always, I am looking forward to what God will do at Tabernacle this coming Sunday! Please be present with your Bibles in hand as we worship the Lord together!

Blessings, YFJS, Bro. Tom

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