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Pastor's Blog: Humility

Thank you AGAIN, Tabernacle, for your many expressions of concern, prayer and sympathy regarding the loss of my son, Tim. You continue to be extremely kind and gracious, and I am humbled by your love. Speaking of humility, I am seeking this grace among the many God has called us to emulate. With the help of the Holy Spirit, I am trying to exhibit a Christlike response to the handling of the suffering I have been facing. I know that others have faced more severe troubles. I know that my own situation could be worse. I know that trusting God and believing in His sovereign plan and purpose is my source of strength. I am trying with God’s help to live in the light of His glory and grace.

Recently, two things were said to me that I felt most unworthy of. First, someone said, “I see Jesus all over you!” What a gracious compliment, and I do wish it were true. Another friend compared me to Job. I am not worthy of such lofty company. While I am appreciative of words clearly meant for encouragement and as a compliment, I do not feel like I am on a par with Job, nor that Jesus is magnified so clearly in my life. But I can say with complete honesty that is what I am striving for.

Humility in this regard is a hard hill to climb. It has been said that humility is one of those things that as soon as you are sure you have obtained it, it is then that you have clearly lost it. It really is an oxymoron to be proud of your humility! But the Word tells us to humble ourselves in the sight of the Lord. It tells us that He will then lift us up (Jas. 4:10). Therefore, your prayers remain much appreciated as I walk this road learning to lean on the Lord and grow in humility. I invite you to join me on the path.

God willing, we will complete chapter 11 in the book of Daniel this coming Sunday, March 28. We will learn how Antiochus Epiphanes foreshadowed the coming Antichrist who will rule the world one day from a human perspective.

Please continue to be in prayer for our service on Easter Sunday, April 4. We are encouraging each church member to pray for 5 people over the 5 weeks we have leading up to Resurrection Day. Of course, we want you to invite them to join us at TBC for a great day of worshiping the Risen Lord. We will sing and preach the Gospel.

This Wednesday, March 24, we will continue the study of the book “The Church,” chapter 11, looking at the Elements of Worship. We will have more to say about the regulative approach to worship.

As always, I am looking forward to what God will do at Tabernacle this coming Sunday. Please be present with your Bibles in hand as we worship the Lord together!

Blessings, YFJS, Bro. Tom

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