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Praising King Jesus (Luke 13:10-17) - 3/24/24


  • Today is Palm Sunday.  Jesus is entering Jerusalem. The first day of His passion week.

  • As we consider Palm Sunday we usually think about the reaction of the people. (Palm branches and praising Him) and of the Pharisees (Luke 19:39) doubting.

  • Here a few months before we see Jesus In the midst of teaching, he heals woman on the Sabbath.

  • These two events have similar responses to who He is. There is praise and there is rejection.

The Woman – v. 11

Her circumstances

  • Disabled, Desperate, Dependent

  • Bond by Satan, yet faithful and worshiping.

Her healing

  • Jesus knew the situation (as always). As He was teaching… he noticed the woman. (When Jesus entered the presences of Satan… it was over!)

  •   v. 13And he laid his hands on her, and immediately she was made straight, and she glorified God.

  • She is freed and healed (immediately, completely)

  • She praises God (immediately)

The Ruler of the Synagogue – v. 14

  • He was so fixated on what day it was, that He missed the miracle.

  • Their man-made rules had darkened their hearts and mind to the truth.

  • The Sabbath commemorates (Old Covenant)

  • Rest from creation

  • Deliverance from Egypt (Bondage)

  • Jesus fulfills both. (New Covenant)

The crowd at the triumphal entry – vv. 37-38

  • Pilgrims from outside Judea

  • Locals from the area.  Would have been part of the crowd when Lazarus was raised from the dead.

  • Palm branches – joy/celebration

They were proclaiming what we know to be true today.

The religious leaders – vv. 39-40

  • Rebuked the disciples. (today the world rebukes our faith)

  • You do not desire that praise. You are not who they say you are.

The What Now

  • May we be as the crowd praising His name.

  • May we be as the woman… in need of a touch from Christ.

  • Our burdens

  • May we come to Him, Trust Him, and leave praising God for Him.

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