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Q&A with Pastor Jon: What is God Like (Part 3) - 3/30/22

“The foundation of all true knowledge of God must be a clear mental apprehension of His perfections as revealed in Holy Scripture. An unknown God can neither be trusted, served, nor worshipped.” A.W. PINK

God is Omnipresent

  • In every place

  • At every time

  • Here with us

    • Great comfort

    • All powerful, yet all personal

God Is Righteous

  • God always acts in accordance with what is right and is himself the final standard of what is right. (Wayne Grudem, Systematic Theology)

  • His righteousness is synonymous with His justice

  • His righteousness and justice is natural expression of His holiness

  • The righteousness of God is the divine attribute that describes God as acting always in a way that is consistent with his own character. (Fred Zaspel –

  • Redemptive Righteousness

God is Merciful

  • Not getting what we do deserve

  • God’s goodness to those in need

  • Mercy, Grace, and Patience (Wayne Grudem discusses the closeness of the three)

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