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Roots of the Faith - The Gifts of the Holy Spirit (Romans 12:3-8) - 2/21/24


(Some view prophecy as a continuing/permanent gift, but only as it relates to Scripture… no new revelation)

  • The proclamation of the Word of God.

  • We tend to think of OT prophets.  Key is that THE WORD OF GOD was proclaimed.

  • Today, we proclaim the Bible. THUS SAITH THE LORD.

  • Not, A fresh word from God, but THE WORD from God.


  • Diakonia – serve. Build up.  Word in Acts where we get our understanding of Deacon.

  • What can I DO.  FOR THE CHURCH FOR OTHERS.  Easiest and most practical.  DO MINISTRY.


  • Interpret and explain the Word of God.

  • Prophecy could be more the proclaiming of the Word and teaching could be more walking through and explain.

  • 1 Tim. 3:2 – able to teach

  • 1 Tim. 4:16 – pay close attention to your teaching.


  • Parakaleo – Come alongside someone. (HELPER  pleading, encouraging, warning, strengthening.

  • The ability to excite, motivate, advise, encourage, comfort, and warn people.

  • Causes action.  KNOW, GROW, GO.

Prophecy proclaims truth.

Teaching explains truth.

Exhortation calls believers to obey and follow truth.


  • Sharing and imparting that which is one’s own.

  • Sincere… heart felt giving (opposite is Matt. 6:2 giving.  LOOK WHAT I DID)


  • Standing before

  • THE ABILITY TO lead and govern.

  • Diligence – earnestness and zeal.

  • Things get done

Showing Mercy

  • Actively demonstrating sympathy, so as to strengthen someone.

  • Sensitivity to suffering and needs.

  • Feelings that turn to action.



  • Sincerity and in simplicity.

  • Singleness of heart and without show

  • Above and beyond


  • Diligent.

  • haste, desire, and concentrated attention.

  • There is no room for laziness, complacency, and irresponsibility in the Kingdom of God and His church. The leaders are the ones who are to blaze the path for the flock of God, and they are to do it with zeal, hard work, and iron determination.


  • People enjoy your presence and ministry within the body.

  • Willing to forgiving others.

  • Not in a spirit of criticism and rebuke toward the person who needs help.

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