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Roots of the Faith - The Work of the Holy Spirit (Part 2) - 1/24/24


The inseparable operations of the Triune God means that the three persons always work together in creation, redemption, and consummation.Still, their roles can be distinguished, which means that the Holy Spirit is particularly associated with certain divine works.The Spirit carries out the divine will in the world and brings it to completion, with special reference to speaking, applying salvation through re-creating and perfecting, and indwelling God’s people so they are filled with his presence.GREGG R. ALLISON, 50 CORE TRUTHS OF THE CHRISTIAN FAITH: A GUIDE TO UNDERSTANDING AND TEACHING THEOLOGY (GRAND RAPIDS, MI: BAKER BOOKS: A DIVISION OF BAKER PUBLISHING GROUP, 2018), 186–187.


The Work of the Holy Spirit From Acts 2 to present

In Salvation

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